Lyrics and Music - Treasure Island

Treasure Island 

His name was Flinty, he was a pirate
With one black patch over his eye through the other he would spy
A Spanish Galleon packed full of trinkets
And while he tried to make it rich all his crew he’d have to ditch
He used his former mates as a cheap source of weights
He buried fifteen of his crewmen as he sealed their fates

On Treasure Island
Where dead men sleep so sound
On Treasure Island
Don’t mess around
Gold coins and diamonds
Make quite a handsome stack
On Treasure Island
Watch your back

His name was Billy, also a pirate
He was a part of Flinty’s crew but not the only one who knew
That he had written down the location
And whilst he was an awesome sight Captain Flinty stood to fight
When Flinty had a slip Billy was quick to grip
the map would lead him to the fortune so he left the ship

His name was Silver, another pirate
Although he never had the look when he was old Flinty’s cook
Now he has only one leg to stand on
When Flinty died after the blew he was leader of the crew
They found where Billy ran they’ll kill him if they can
Not matter how long it might take them they will get their man

Dead Man’s Chest

Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest 
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum 
Drink and the devil had done for the rest 
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. 
The mate was first man off the ship 
Tried to grip by fingers tight 
He did off the gangplank slip 
When he was lost in black of night

Fifteen men of the whole ship’s crew 
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! 
Fifteen men never made it through  
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! 
The skipper tried to leave the shore 
There he lay with open eyes 
The boson he was stabbed times four 
Never again to see blue skies 

Fifteen men all good and true 
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! 
Jack, Blackbeard and sly Old Pew, 
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! 
There was a haul of Spanish gold  
A hole was dug to hide the chest
A fortune that no-one could hold
And there my friends are laid to rest 

Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest 
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum 
Drink and the devil had done for the rest 
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. 
We wrapped them up in mainsail  tight  
With a Yo-Heave-Ho! Said our good-byes
We dropped them down where there’s no light 
 It’s true that dead men tell no lies 

I May Be Blind But I Can See 

We’re taking over
We want the map
You got the Black Spot
This is a wrap
You can’t escape us
I’m far too cool
I may be challenged
But I’m no fool

We’re gonna tear this place apart
And this is our warning to you
Time’s running out
This is your judgement day
So show yourself you can’t fool me?
No way, not me
I may be blind but I can see!

I know you’re hiding
I smell a rat
Know what you’ve eaten
Know where you’ve sat
Your time is coming
The lesson taught
No point in running
For now you’re caught

Long John Silver 

Name’s Long John Silver
Got a parrot on me shoulder
Sailing the Hispaniola
Who stole that map?

There’s not much that’s new
This ship needs a crew
It’s my job to sort the chaff from wheat
Flinty has a big list
This lot won’t be missed
Step on up and get a tick or kick

They think I’m the cook
Though I don’t have the look
On the menu tonight is crab surprise
No they won’t find out
But I have some doubt
Can we sail this ship or will we sink fast?


Celebrate good times come on!
Let’s celebrate, it’s a celebration
(repeat x 2)

We’re so glad that we have made it here
A destination that we hold very dear
So bring your shovels
And your compass too
We’re gonna find the chest by using the clues

Come on now celebration
Let’s all celebrate and have a good time
We’re going to celebrate and have good time

It’s time to get together
It’s up to us to find the treasure
Every man is for himself come on

Woo-hoo it’s a celebration (repeat x 2)


We’re gonna make a fortune today
Let’s celebrate it’s OK
(Repeat x 4)

It’s time to get together
It’s up to us to find the treasure
Every man is for himself come on

Woo-hoo it’s a celebration (repeat x 2)


Talk to Me

Talk to me You will see
You will see how fun it can be
If you just talk to me

Quiet days and silent nights
Sometimes it can seem alright
But when you have a good idea
It’s a pain when no-one’s here

I was left here three years ago
On this island all alone
Life it now seems so remote
When your best friend is a hairy goat

I have so much I can say
You might have to stay all day
Let me show you ‘round the place
Rent is cheap ‘cause there’s loads of space

Many pirates want that chest
But I’m smarter than the rest
So much time to look around
Can you guess what Ben Gunn found?

Set Sail

FOR TREASURE We will walk the plank
FOR TREASURE Eat some food that’s rank
FOR TREASURE We will leave our home
FOR TREASURE Even drink some foam
FOR TREASURE Sail the ocean blue
FOR TREASURE A bucket for a loo
FOR TREASURE We can live life rough
FOR TREASURE We can do it tough

SET SAIL Climb the mast so high
SET SAIL We might touch the sky
SET SAIL Steer a course so true
SET SAIL This is what we’ll do

FOR TREASURE We will find a beach
FOR TREASURE Somewhere out of reach
FOR TREASURE Find a place so rare
FOR TREASURE We will sweat and swear
WE WANT TO kick back and relax
TO NEVER pay our income tax
AND ALWAYS have a heap of fun
BUT NOT GET burnt bad by the sun


If we can find the spot
We’ll take WE’LL TAKE yes we’ll take the lot
Now if this ship is blessed
We’ll find WE’LL FIND Flinty’s treasure chest

WE KNOW THAT life on the high seas
IS NOT WHAT you would call a breeze
THE FOOD HERE really makes me sick
THE TOILETS make me go real quick
THE CAPTAIN isn’t very sweet
THE FIRST MATE can’t stand on his feet
AND LONG JOHN stinks because he’s old
SO THAT’S WHY we do what we’re told


Folks call me doctor but wait there’s more
Much more to me than mere potions
I’m building and baking while candle stick making
No rest for me that’s for sure

As you can plainly see
Someone must do these jobs
And that someone is me
When you’re lost or in deep trouble
Just give a quick call for me
I’ll be there dashingly
If in strife you need a hero
Just give a quick call for me
I’m Doctor Liversey

Don’t talk to pirates they’re all no good
No good smelly old blighters
They’re farting and fighting and brazenly biting
Children and small bits of wood

If there’s a problem just call my name
Everyone ‘round here knows me
Teaching and trapping and weather chart mapping
Makes such a splendid game