Cast list from Treasure Island

Billy Bones: An old drunken pirate who loves to tell stories and pick fights.

Jim Hawkins: The hero of the tale. A very intelligent young man who shows no fear.

Barman: Slow minded soul who is hit over the head frequently.

Blind Pew: Evil blind man who unfortunately smells as bad as he sounds and looks.

Black Dog: First pirate who tries to steal the Treasure Map from Billy Bones.

Doctor Livesey: Man of a thousand faces. He works most of the jobs in the small town. He also has a rather feminine style which suits his upper class position.

Squire Trelawney: A rich man who has made his money through ship building. He knows nothing of sailing but loves to think he’s the big boss. He also has a very loose tongue.

Mr Dance: Companion of the Doctor. Also a little poofy.

Captain Smollett: No nonsense Sea Captain who remains serious and solid in all situations.

Mr Arrow: Drunken First Mate who knows nothing of the sea but loves to exaggerate.

Long John Silver: The lovable villain of the show. He organizes the mutiny by selecting a bunch of pirates to crew the ship.

Ben Gunn: Crazy man left marooned for three years. Likes to talk to himself a bit.


Lean Mean Dean
Cut-Throat Jake
Jacks Dacks
Scrub the Deck
Pete the Pillager
One Eye Stud
Foul Mouth Fred
Black Smith
Dirty Hands
Bilge Burping Barney
Sir Francis Duck
Barnacle Bob
Old Spice

Plus heaps of extras as additional pirates for chorus numbers.