Treasure Island


Over 30 individual speaking / singing roles


Follow the adventures of young Jim Hawkins who sails the seas with Long John Silver in a quest to find buried treasure. Based on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novel this musical will appeal to lovers of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Made for a large band of swashbuckling pirates this musical delivers with great songs and memorable characters.


Approximately 1.5 - 2 hrs


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Song List from Treasure Island

Act 1
1. Treasure Island (Narrator and Chorus) 
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2. Dead Man’s Chest (Billy Bones)
3. Indispensable (Dr Liversey)
4. I May Be Blind but I can See (Blind Pew and Pirates)
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5. Long John Silver (Long John Silver and Chorus)
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6. Set Sail (Jim Hawkins and Chorus)

Act 2
1. Land Ho (Jim Hawkins and Chorus)
2. Talk to Me (Ben Gunn)
3. Get on your knees (Long John Silver and Pirates)
4. Set Sail reprise (Chorus)

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