Tarzan and Jane - Full cast list

Tarzan Not the vine swinging hero he used to be. After ten years of jungle life he is becoming a more sophisticated gentleman.

Jane After 10 years of marriage with Tarzan she is looking for a man who is strong, brave and stupid.

Little fat guy who works in a book-store and is petrified of any animal.

Sweetie Co-worker of Livingstone who is always looking to make easy money.

Beautiful young lady who is desperate to make her fortune in diamonds.

Ms Winterbottom’s henchmen

Freud Jungle Psychiatrist who helps Tarzan and Jane with their marriage problems.

Carter Famous hunter who captures wild animals for the circus.

Deadeye Backup Man who should be a great shot be cannot see well at all.

Cannibals Natives that eat people.

Very powerful jungle magician who masterminds a plan to save the cannibals of Africa.

Waiter Serves finger food at Cannibal Convention.

Chief Uses colourful language.

Rawlings Tour guide who runs Gooly Gooly Cruises.

Crocodile Man
Australian who thinks he can tackle anything.

Japanese businessmen looking for new tourist attraction.

Rita Jane’s sister who wants Jane to return home to inherit a
family fortune.

Gus Talking gorilla who is Tarzan’s best friend.

Translator Does what the name suggests. Works with the Chief.

Kelvin Fashion designer who wants to find the perfect bottom to help promote his underpants.

Big Ken Big, colourful character with a lot to offer.