Tarzan and Jane musical

Tarzan and Jane

Cast: Over 20 individual speaking / singing roles
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Cost: $85.95 (AUS)

Length: Approximately 1.5 - 2 hrs


Ten years later and the marriage between Jane and Tarzan is as bumpy as an old elephant's bottom.

Mix into this drama a Crocodile Hunter, safaris to Africa, diamond mines and a tribe of cannibals who are set to make a killing!

Collect as many natives as you can as this will be a wild night out!

Song list:

Act 1

1. Tarzan and Jane (Tarzan, Jane and chorus) Listen Now
2. Voodoo (Witchdotor and chorus)
3. Diamonds (Winterbottom, Lefty, Righty and chorus)
4. Stupid Aussie (Chorus) Listen Now
5. Cool Witchdoctor (Chorus)

Act 2

1. A Butt to put my brand on (Kelvin Cline and chorus)
2. Tarzan is back (Tarzan and chorus) Listen Now
3. Tarzan and Jane reprise (Tarzan, Jane and chorus)

Complete song list and lyrics

Song Samples:
Tarzan and Jane Tarzan and Jane
Stupid Aussie Stupid Aussie
Tarzan is back Tarzan is back
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Songs and scenes from the show:
Songs from the show


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