Cast list - Mummy Returns Again


Two shady characters/spies who start the show and are members of the Secret Society of the Mummy.

Dr Indiana “Chicken” Bones

Intrepid but useless archaeologist who really lacks any sense of direction. He thinks he’s pretty good but a blind man cold see that he’s a phoney.

Dr Halfasleep

Mature patron of the national museum. He is the one who finances the expedition to Egypt but it’s not the Mummy he’s looking for.

Patricia Hardback

Very prim and proper librarian – must be able to shhh!

Lara Crumpet

Beautiful, young and brazen lady who steps straight out of a video game.

Dr Willy Waffler

A linguist and renowned translator who unfortunately has a speech impediment.


Egyptian workers who know when to make a quick exit.


He doesn’t say much but he raps a lot and he’s wrapped in himself.


Looks after the docks and cargo distribution. Loves his dictionary.


Very pirate-like old sea dog with big tales to tell.


Gangster types who do the dirty deeds for the secret Egyptian Mummy society. They could also play the roles of Sam & Dean who start the show.

Assistant Director

Obsessive compulsive person who helps the movie to run to schedule.


Responsible to making the sequel “Mummy Returns Again 3”.


Starlet of the film who is the Mummy’s target.

Male Actor

Hero of the film who gets to kiss the girl and fight the Mummy.

Mummy Actor

Person who is supposed to play the part of the Mummy in the film.


Simple one line role – holding clipper board for movie making.

SSM1-3 Secret Society Members

Members of the Secret Society. Small roles.


Introduces scene.


Works in the mental asylum. Could well live there too.

Geoffrey Halfasleep

Son of Dr Halfasleep. Very English, jolly good – what!

Lola Halfasleep

Daughter of Dr Halfasleep and spitting image of Cleopatra.


Queen of Egypt. All the men love her.

Marc Antony

Roman commander who loves Cleopatra.

Julius Caesar

Emperor of Rome who also loves Cleopatra and doughnuts.


This was who the Mummy was before he became all tied up.

Dr Frankenstein

The son of the creator of the monster who is trying to put the past behind him.


Dr Frankenstein’s hunchback assistant.


Dr Frankenstein’s creation who is made up of old jazz singer’s body parts.


Based on host of “American Idol”.


Based on judges in “American Idol”.


Entrant on American Idol who sings rock & roll.

Dillary Huff

Portraying prefabricated pop girls in the music industry.

Cast of Mummy Returns Again
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