Mummy Returns Again musical

Mummy Returns Again

Cast: Over 20 individual speaking / singing roles
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Cost: $85.95 (AUS)

Length: Approximately 1.5 - 2 hrs


The tomb of Pharaoh Neverbeenanygood has been uncovered by a group of explorers.

Not only has the Mummy returned but he's brought rap music with him and this threatens to take over the world.

Thankfully Dr Frankenstein comes to the rescue with an interesting creation of his own.

Which music style will be judged the best? Can "Idol" save the day? This is Indiana Jones meets the Munsters.

Song list:

Act 1

1. Mummy Returns Again

2. Neverbeenanygood (Listen to Sample)

3. Walk Like An Egyptian

4. U Can’t Touch This

5. Rap Song (Listen to Sample)

6. Play That Country Music Cowboy

Act 2

7. They Can’t Take That Away (Listen to Sample)

8. I Gotta Girl

9. Do You Like Rock & Roll?

10. Pre-Fab Girl

11. You Can’t Stop the Music

Complete song list and lyrics

Song Samples:
Rap song
Rap song
They can't take that away
They can't take that away
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