I Love the Knightlife


Over 50 speaking / singing roles (That's a large cast!)


King Arthur has finally found himself a bride and you're invited to the Wedding of the Year at Camelot. Unfortunately his half-sister Morgan Le Fay spoils their plans by stealing the six discs that make the Round Table work. The Knights have only two days to recover these musical discs or Camelot will suffer one hundred years of Math lessons. This medieval madness is full of Monty Python-like silliness.


Approximately 1.5 - 2 hrs


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Song List

Act 1
1. Let’s Have A Wedding (Narrator, Chorus) Listen Now
2. It’s Now Or Never (King)
3. Camelot Rock (King, Chorus) Listen Now
4. Surrender (King, Knights)
5. Singing These Songs (King)
6. Superior Ones (Guinevere, Ladies)
7. Stand By your Man (Two-headed knight, Chorus) Listen Now
8. Knights of Camelot (Knights) Listen Now
9. When the Going Gets Tough (Guinevere, Ladies)
10. I Feel Lonely (King)
11. Switched Off Minds (King)
12. I Will Survive (Morgan Le Fay, Chorus) Listen Now

Act 2
13. Sir Apathy (Sir Apathy)
14. We Love the Knightlife (Guinevere, Ladies) Listen Now
15. Not Too Smart (Bors, Percival)
16. The Answer Is U (King)
17. What Did We Eat Tonight? (King)
18. All Locked Up (King)
19. Rotten Apple (King)
20. Knight Fever (Guinevere, Chorus) Listen Now

NB As the King has many songs we used multiple students in the role which adds humour -“You look different today”
We also included a group of students, “The Singlets”, to help the King with longer songs

The Knights of Camelot
The Knights of Camelot must protect their King

Watch songs and scenes from the show

Ladies from I Love the Knightlife

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I Love the Knightlife musical scene
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