Q How long does it take for the script to arrive?

The script is available for download immediately. You can download this with no obligation.

Q Can I get a hard copy of the script?

You can print hard copies of the script yourself. I don't post these anymore because they are too heavy and therefore too expensive.

Q Am I able to change things to suit my production?

You are encouraged to modify things to suit your production. This is one of the reasons why the script is in Word format so that you can easily modify the show to suit your cast.

Q What royalties do I have to pay?

If you intend to charge for the performances you are obliged to pay a 15% royalty on gross ticket sales within 14 days of the final show. There is a minimum fee of $50 for each performance of a musical.

Q Do I still have to pay a minimum fee if we don't charge admission?

If you don't charge admission you still pay a minimum of $50 for every performance.

Q Can we make DVDs of the production and sell these?

Yes you can record and distribute the musicals but a 15% royalty on sales is required.

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