Primary School Musicals

Easy to stage primary school musicals without the drama. Great for beginners, these shows suits large casts therefore  the whole school is involved.

These musicals are created by a teacher with editable scripts, in other words you can change anything you want.

Musical kits only $84.95 (AUS) with no royalties.

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Synopsis: Join Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson as they solve 2 cases: The Other Woman and the Hound of the Baskervilles.

Roles: 18

Songs: 11

Brand new!  Be the first school to stage this.

I Love the Knightlife

Synopsis: If King Arthur and the Knights of Camelot can’t find the missing discs there will be maths for the next 100 years.

Roles: Over 30 (Big Cast)

Songs: 20

We sold out every night. The kids were just buzzing and wanted to keep performing.
(Whakatane School, New Zealand)

Treasure Island

Synopsis:  Jim Hawkins is on an adventure to find buried treasure but watch out for the pirates.

Roles: 12 plus plenty of pirates

Songs: 10

Rollicking fun for a cast over 100 including teachers. We needed a bigger stage!
(Sacred Heart School, Booval, Australia)

Tarzan and Jane

Synopsis: Everyone’s coming to the jungle for either diamonds or the legendary Great White Ape.  Will the Witchdoctor win or will Tarzan get his mojo back?

Roles: 15 plus numerous natives

Songs: 8

Toe tapping fun. The natives loved it.
(Beachlands School, New Zealand)

The Mummy Returns Again

Synopsis:  Pharaoh Neverbeenanygood is back with rap music which threatens to take over the world.

Roles: Over 30 (Big Cast)

Songs: 11

Another hit show. Kids especially liked the rap music.
(Wilkes-Barre Academy, Pennsylvania, USA)

What’s in a Primary School Musicals Kit?

Script in Word format (you can change anything you like)

Song lyrics

Backing tracks and sound f/x (no need for an orchestra)

Vocal guides (kids can learn at home)

Cast and props list

Backdrops for projection

Ideas for costumes and props

Who has performed these shows?